Hello! Welcome! It’s been several years since I last made any attempt to blog, so I am giving this another go.

Not long ago, I suddenly went from working full-time at a financial institution to being a stay-at-home-mom. I admit it, I’ve been dragging my feet at finding employment, mostly because I’m a stubborn, introverted, INFP personality. I loathe the idea of having a boss, having strict deadlines, having to do things someone else’s way, and generally talking to strangers. I finally got the internet yesterday, so now I’m looking for online work, because, well, that’s what introverts do, right?

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing, when it comes to blogging. It just seemed like a good idea, since I like writing, and I might be able to make a little money with it someday.

You could say I’m a boho wannabe, hence the title. I hate doing trendy things just because they’re trendy. I like music, bright colors, going barefoot, watching indie films (sometimes), listening to world music – hello, bagpipes! – and learning about other countries and cultures. I’ll try just about any foreign food, as long as I don’t have a moral objection to it and it’s reasonably safe. Also, I love travel – way too much considering I can barely afford to leave the house.

So, stay tuned, and let’s see where this goes!


Kindergarten, and ADHD Times Two

I registered my youngest child for kindergarten today. No big deal, it’s the third time I’ve done this process. In fact, I feel like I should have that “Oh my gosh, I just registered my baby for kindergarten!” feeling, but for some reason, I don’t.

Oh, yeah… that’s why. I have too many concerns floating around in my head. First of all, because of me not driving, and my husband’s schedule, I will have to walk my son to school. Since they only have half-day kindergarten, and my daughter is not sufficiently aware of her surroundings to walk to and from school by herself, worst case scenario, I will have to walk to and from the school three times a day.

(*Side note: why does our elementary school, a Title I school, have only half-day kindergarten? Is it just me, or does that not make any sense?)

Second of all, I have very recently come to recognize the signs of ADHD in my soon-to-be kindergartner. I’m already dealing with that with his older sister, and even though she takes medication for it, there are still quirks that are sometimes very challenging to deal with. Two kids like this? I might need a prescription for a sedative.

I’m trying to get better with the whole “embrace the chaos” thing, and perhaps someday even develop a more zen attitude toward it, but it’s going to take some time to figure out how to keep my two ADHD kids occupied enough to not disrupt the peace of the entire city. (My hound dog is already plenty good at that, thank you very much.)

Oh, did I mention that ADHD runs in my family? There’s a good chance I have it too. Awesome. *insert sarcastic snort here*

*I think I need this mug!*

Working From Home?

Working from home is something I had wished for ever since I got married. I never liked the idea of working full-time outside home, but for a long time, that’s what I did, because that was the best thing, financially speaking. It was the responsible choice, with the income, insurance, and the 401k.

Then, to make a long story short, I was let go from my job. So I thought, hey, I should try that working from home thing. So I got internet access at home (yes, for the first time), and signed up for a “human intelligence task” (HIT) thing, and applied for another that I still haven’t heard back from. That’s something, right? It makes me feel a little more productive, and I’m making some money.

The thing is, the income is pittance so far, and I’m having a hard time finding other HIT opportunities. In general, working from home is more complicated than I had anticipated.

The bright side, though, is that I can do it in my pajamas. I can fold laundry in between the short tasks I get. I can do it any time of day I want. I don’t have to get up early and get on a bus to go to work. The best part is the introvert’s dream – no direct interactions with other people.

So, I’m going to keep looking for more work from home opportunities. You know, the ones that don’t require talking on the phone. (I hate talking on the phone.) As a writer, I’m hoping for freelance writing opportunities, but I love the research part of the HIT stuff, so I want that too. I’ll take up writing short advertising blurbs if that’s what it takes. I love the control I have over what I do. My biggest regret from what happened with my former employer is that it took me far too long to recognize that working in an office was no longer the right thing for me.

This is the right thing for me. And I love it.20180927_111822